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Mingalaba – My name is Minthu.

We are a generational Bagan family, born and raised in Taung Bi Village in Old Bagan.  Our parents were farmers, have resided here for decades, and raised their family in Bagan as we raise ours now.  I speak English and German fluently, and my brother Kyaw Swe speaks English fluently.  We do not work for an agency, and do not work for anyone.  We are fully independent, and hope that you will choose us for you travel needs to Bagan.  Contact us for a booking.

We have been engaged in the Bagan Tourism industry for more than 15 years.  I graduated with a Bachelors in Economics from Mandalay University, but my heart and passion has been showing people like you around my neighborhood.  Bagan consists of thousands of pagodas in a dream land and a day (or few) here is unlike any other.

I have enjoyed taking people around Bagan in my Horse cart with my our family horse Su Su for almost ten years, and now with Jasmine.  I hope you will give us an opportunity to welcome you to our home.  Kyaw Swe, my brother, is the driver and automobile owner in the family.  He is available for airport pick ups and drop offs and day or overnight trips to Mt. Popa and surrounding regions.

In addition to the packaged services, we can also customize tours based on your preferences.

Bagan is an ancient city with thousands of Pagodas dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries.  The roads connecting the Pagodas are not paved, and a horse cart provides the perfect opportunity to absorb and soak in the beauty of the region.  This peaceful haven should be taken in slowly and you should allow yourself to immerse in the clean air, great Myanmar food, and a cultural explosion unlike many others in the world.  Bagan is a one of a kind place and I hope that your visit here is as gratifying as it is for us to live here.

minthu with camera