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Bagan Sunset Village Tour

We can arrange a visit to a local villages outside of Bagan where you can have the opportunity to interact with local people. In SE YWA village, we visit several local workshops (SOYA BEAN PASTE making process, WOODEN SLIPPER making process).
Then we continue to TAUNG KONG village where the majority of the people are famers and also Pottery makers, which how most people earn a living in this region. (One and half hours drive each way by car form Bagan). It is nice tour for photography and anyone interested in daily social life of local people.

Wood Carving

Village PotteryPottery

Sunset Tour in the late afternoon
We can watch sun go down from the top of an ancient Pagoda or Temple or take ride on the Ayeyarwaddy River to enjoy river view. A private boat tour on the River during the sunset time will show you a spectacular Myanmar sunset while your local guide serves cocktails and some snacks.

Bagan Sunset over the Ayeyarwaddy River.jpg

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