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Explore a Holy Pagoda and Local Village

Tan Kyi Pagoda – this pagoda is out of the Bagan, located on top of the Mountain and other side of Ayeyarwaddy River from Bagan.
We should start at 2:00 PM and we will take private Boat from Old Bagan jetty to reach to Tan Kyi village, then we can take local Taxi ride (or hike if you prefer) up to the Tan Kyi Pagoda, the golden Stupa atop the mountain.

Views are traffic and unique, looking back over the river life in Bagan.

Bagan Fishing.jpg


On the way from mountain top that visits to local villages. MYINT CHE is the first village and we stop to see weaving workshops.  THAZIN village we visit several local workshop (especially for Cane product).

Weaving Art.jpg


Then we come back to motor boat and watch sunset on the way to Bagan. At that time your local guide will be serving drinks and some snacks. (It is 4 or 5 Hours for this trip).

Bagan Sunset over the Ayeyarwaddy River


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