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Road trip Bagan-Pakokku-Monywa-Mandalay

Itinerary: Start in Bagan-Pakokku-Monywa (overnight) -Mandalay (overnight)

Leave from Bagan Hotel at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM, to visit to Pakokku. Pakokku is a friendly town famed for its, TABACCO, THANAKHAR, LEATHER SLIPPER, JOSS and local SCHROOT or CIGAR all made by the local villagers.

girl with wood


On the way to Monywa, are the remains of PAKHANGYI region. There is PAKHANGYI KYAUNG, built 19th century AD with 332 teak wood pillars. It is one of the most ancient wooden Monasteries in Myanmar. We will also visit other sites on the way to Monywa.

Novices in Wooden Monastery


Pagoda Mural

Local Shop

In Monywa we visit Bodhi Tataung, it means 1000 Bayen Trees or Bodhi Trees around the temple. This is one of the Biggest standing Buddha images (130 M) in Myanmar. Then Stay overnight in Monywa.

Standing and Lying Buddha 2

Standing and Lying Buddha

The next day, check-out from hotel at 9:00 Am, visit to Monywa market, Thanboddhay Paya, Hpo Win Daung Cave, which is famous with 492 Buddha chambers. Those chambers were carved into a limestone hillside between 14th century 18th centuries. Some murals are well preserved inside the limestone cave.

Then travel to Mandalay and check-in Hotel in the late afternoon.

On the way to Monywa Market

Thanboddhay Paya 1

Inside Thanboddhay Paya

Hpo Win Daung Cave

Hpo Win Daung Cave 1Hpo Win Daung Cave 2Hpo Win Daung Cave 3






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